Protocol No. 1-21


21. It is only with a despotic ruler that plans can be elaborated extensively and clearly in such a way as to distribute the whole properly among the several parts of the machinery of the State: from this the conclusion is inevitable that a satisfactory form of government for any country is one that concentrates in the hands of one responsible person. Without an absolute despotism there can be no existence for civilization which is carried on not by the masses but by their guide, whosoever that person may be. The mob is savage, and displays its savagery at every opportunity. The moment the mob seizes freedom in its hands it quickly turns to anarchy, which in itself is the highest degree of savagery.

My father once asked if I stopped at stop signs because I feared getting in an accident or getting a ticket. This point of view is so much like the above excerpt. I responded that I stopped at stop signs because there was a collective agreement among all drivers to stop at stop signs.  The rules of driving are in the nature of collective agreement much like common law was in the beginning.

We collectively agree to drive on the right hand side of the road here in America. Other countries might do differently. The social mores of any society are collectively agreed upon and not thrust upon us by one individual.

Further the “code of the west” evolved out of a lawless frontier. Anarchy is not the enemy. Mention is made of the “perfect” form of government. That too is old news.

The perfect form of government has existed virtually unchanged for thousands of years. It is the military and totalitarian in the extreme. In real life neither anarchy or military occupation are valid. They are both extreme positions that can not be tolerated by the human collective for long periods of time.

One part of the population will find too much freedom unacceptable and long for structure and organization. The other part will chafe at restriction and the lack of creativity.

So it has always been and so it will always be. The best we can hope for is an uneasy compromise somewhere in the middle. Society is dynamic and constantly in a state of flux. Any government needs to be flexible enough to address needed changes but conservative enough to not split the population apart.

In summary a military government or totalitarian government is not the answer to societies problems. This would be especially true of a despotic military government.

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Protocol No. 1-20

20. A people left to itself, i.e., to upstarts from its midst, brings itself to ruin by party dissensions excited by the pursuit of power and honors and the disorders arising there from. Is it possible for the masses of the people calmly and without petty jealousies to form judgment, to deal with the affairs of the country, which cannot be mixed up with personal interest? Can they defend themselves from an external foe? It is unthinkable; for a plan broken up into as many parts as there are heads in the mob, loses all homogeneity, and thereby becomes unintelligible and impossible of execution.

This point clearly shows the flaw in the Illuminati’s plan for the domination of humanity. The science of chaos theory clearly shows that all things interact and have an effect on all other things. The wind from a butterfly’s wings will effect a change in the weather patterns in Kansas, halfway around the world.

How this interconnectedness works is a mystery but there is no longer any doubt of its existence. There is an intelligence within the vagaries and moods of the mob. Each whim and upstart serve a vital function that provides meaning and nutrition to keep the collective in balance.

While the wind from that butterfly’s wings may be having an effect on the weather patterns in Kansas, the wind from the wings of another butterfly in Australia is having a similar effect. We are looking at the product of many small changes and not one primary cause.

This distinction is profound because it means the efforts of one individual are extremely powerful and far reaching. The members of the Illuminati are very small in number. Each Illuminati is simply a single butterfly flapping its wings furiously. Their efforts will only bear fruit if all the other butterflies are bored to the point of indifference and not putting out any effort.

Their plan of the economic enslavement of the human race will only work through the indifference and inactivity of the American public. This is another reason why grassroots activism is so powerful. It organizes and channels the wind from the wings of many butterflies at the local level.

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Protocol No. 1-19

19. Only one trained from childhood for independent rule can have understanding of the words that can be made up of the political alphabet.

This point hints at the importance of conceptual initiation into very specific ways of thinking. It is so important the suggestion is made that one must be trained from childhood in the ways of ruling the masses. This obviously includes knowing the politically correct thing to say that will move the masses emotionally in support of a cause or in opposition to a cause.

Speaking even more plainly we can say this point is talking about the science of manipulating the force of the population in a calculated way to affect some goal or strategy. This is pure freemasonry where the raw force of the people is symbolized by the hammer and the intelligence guiding that force is symbolized by the chisel. The Scottish Rite goes on and on about this symbolism and the importance of this symbolical viewpoint.

The difference is that freemasonry is only offered to legal adults as a choice when they reach eighteen and by tradition a person is never asked to become a mason. They must ask to join.

Obviously the Illuminati are some quasi-masonic or maverick masonic group that believes in raising children from birth into a specialized form of knowledge and thinking reminiscent of European Monarchy and its divine right to rule. This is a type of thinking that characterizes the masses as brute unthinking populations to be manipulated through emotional politically correct causes.

This positions the Illuminati squarely in the political area on both sides of the fence, Democrat and Republican, working toward the New World Order and the economic enslavement of the human race. It also places them in the news media where control of issues and yellow journalism put the correct emotional slant on issues to manipulate the masses in the desired direction.

In America the divine right to rule is not accepted like it always has been in Europe. Deception has brought the Illuminati this far in their quest but the question remains if the American public will ever be willing to sacrifice and turn over all of their power to external authority. When push comes to shove the Illuminati may ultimately be in for a surprise when a significant portion of the population simply refuse to go along with the game.

Significant portions of society including survivalists, free internet advocates, the open source software community and the culture of poverty are successfully finding alternatives in getting their needs met. Iron control of the news and publishing industry no longer exists and alternative solutions are being sought and discussed. A grass roots movement is sweeping this country causing people to reconsider long held traditions and concepts. There is a movement away from money and toward quality of living a resourceful and independent lifestyle.

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Protocol No. 1-18

18. In order to elaborate satisfactory forms of action it is necessary to have regard to the rascality, the slackness, the instability of the mob, its lack of capacity to understand and respect the conditions of its own life, or its own welfare. It must be understood that the might of a mob is blind, senseless and un- reasoning force ever at the mercy of a suggestion from any side. The blind cannot lead the blind without bringing them into the abyss; consequently, members of the mob, upstarts from the people even though they should be as a genius for wisdom, yet having no understanding of the political, cannot come forward as leaders of the mob without bringing the whole nation to ruin.

The mob is unreasoning and sways at suggestions from any side. It is also a powerful force that needs to be understood and directed in a manner that supports the Illuminati goals of economic world slavery. This is the main point to be discussed.

The science of politics is the science of manipulating the mob in the desired direction. There is little to argue with in this point. Sadly there is no apparent intelligence in what the mob or general population supports and what it rejects. Our political system ensures the true nature of the mob mentality is never fully disclosed.

In contrast millions of dollars are spent to influence public opinion for or against certain personalities. Stars and celebrities are made and not born. Persons of talent are chosen to become celebrities. In military terms if you throw enough money into a project you can make anything fly.

Consequently we have many artificially created institutions, common beliefs and values that simply go against nature. If they were not artificially supported they would cease to exist. The global economy is one of these creations. Smoke and mirrors conceal what is really going on. The thing is so gigantic and complex no living person could hope to understand it or make sense of it.

The illusion is given that it is controllable and understandable. Like gambling at the casino people invest in the stock market thinking they understand the system and can break the code. In reality most fortunes are made through some type of insider knowledge and not through speculation.

Fortunately self-evident truth is able to counter the smoke and mirrors of artificially created reality and deception. Life has a way of crashing down on those that ignore the harsh realities of survival. The more grounded in the practical realities of daily living a population is, the less prone they are to making poor judgments as a mob. This means educating the public in the basics of survival.

Teaching our children the importance of experiencing natural consequences. Helping them understand the thrill of becoming competent at a chosen skill and becoming independent in thought and action.

Even more important is teaching our children they don’t need to be afraid. The Illuminati rule the mob through fear and through greed. Our entire culture and society is turning into one of fear and greed. The war in Iraq is considered needed out of fear of terrorism. The people of America are afraid and they don’t need to be. They are afraid because they have given their power away and are no longer able to ensure their own safety.

It is never too late to take back our own power and ensure the personal safety of our family, friends and community at the local level. Competency and self-esteem do not breed fear. Education does not breed fear. Ignorance and co-dependency do.

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Protocol No. 1-17

If we are to believe the Illuminati, they are following a deliberate plan and course of action that has existed for many centuries. This of course dealing with International banking institutions and the knowledge of how compound interest actually works.

For centuries this closely kept secret has become available to the masses. For the first time many people grasp just how compounding interest is an important part of any retirement plan. The irony is that in today’s world of inflatable currency compound interest in not enough to ensure a return on an investment. The rate of inflation might devalue the dollar faster than compounding interest.

Over and over again we see efforts of large corporations to take unfair advantage and leverage the international market place in unnatural ways. Many of these involve government funding and subsidies.

There is a feeding frenzy going on as predators turn on each other. The common person is dropping out of the game. The game is so obviously rigged they don’t even try anymore. It is only a matter of time until the Illuminati begin to feed on each other.

The Illuminati can’t let go of the idea of economic enslavement because that is all they have known and planned for centuries. There is too much of an emotional investment for them to even seriously consider the reality of a new culture of poverty combining with open source internet technology.

Consider for a moment both the conceit and the narrow thinking that drives these people in a madcap belief of the importance of money and international banking. By their own admission they follow a course of action laid out centuries ago. This plan was not only laid out before the internet and modern technology, it was laid out before the industrial revolution!

How can anyone believe so strongly in something so antiquated? How can modern technology be so blithely disregarded? This belief in the power of money and of compounding interest is unshakable. It is safe to say they will never abandon this belief.

Even when growing evidence to the contrary begins to accumulate it will not be heeded because it can’t be. They are stuck on their path as certainly as I am stuck on mine. What we can expect is a series of irrational acts as the Illuminati move farther away from the realities of modern living.

These irrational acts will make sense to the Illuminati but won’t make sense to the average person. The current spending of four billion dollars a month for the war in Iraq is a case in point. It is irrational and no one really believes it is for the good of the American public any more. At least no one with the capability of independent thought.

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Protocol No. 1-16

In this point is the admission of the Illuminati that what they are doing is evil but only to bring about an unshakable ruling class and government. In their own words “The result justifies the means”.

In a nutshell this is the old war between the forces of Chaos and of Order. The Illuminati are standing up for Order and rule both in personal and in civic life. They bemoan the pitfalls of “Liberalism” and personal liberty. These are the enemy. Chaos is the enemy.

In a larger sense modern chaos theory explains there is order within chaos. The chaotic aspect is simply the transitional period between an old restrictive paradigm and the quantum leap into a revolutionary new and much larger organizational pattern that has nothing in common with the old ways. Life is the result of evolutionary forces making quantum leaps into new structures. There is no way to stop the forces of life. There is no way to prevent humanity to make the quantum leap into a new world when it is ready.

Placing this in a correct context it is easy to understand the philosophical error perpetuated by the Illuminati. They are attempting to prevent humanities quantum leap into the next stage of evolutionary development. The method used will be economic slavery combined with fear and force of law. This is the extreme use of the forces of Order backed with guns. There is nothing in the Illuminati plans that considers a collective agreement. In their arrogance they feel the average man or woman is not fit to decide their own destiny or life choices.

It’s too late. The leap has already been made by at least a portion of the world’s population. Two elements that have been positively identified are the growing “Culture of Poverty” and the growth of  “internet” and “cellular” technologies.

The “Culture of Poverty” minimizes the importance of money in favor of other values like family and entertainment. Since few people have money anymore they are turning to alternate ways of living quality lifestyles. This growing pool of “poor people” are not able or willing to carry the financial burdens the government and Illuminati have imposed on them. They are simply opting out of the rat race.

This will ultimately bring about the downfall of the Illuminati through bankruptcy as people simply refuse to pay their debts. The burden of financing the Illuminati will shift to those that still cling to a monetary value system. Freedom will come from leaving the system. Slavery will come from staying within it.

Perhaps the most powerful tool of the Illuminati in the past has been a absolute control of the press and publishing industry throughout the world. With the rise of the internet this control has been totally swept away. In ways that have never before been possible individuals can discuss and educate themselves in all areas of life. Access to “forbidden” knowledge and concepts is only a keypad away.

For good or bad the common man or woman can tell their story and express their opinions to the entire world. Common sense has the chance to overthrow the smoke and mirrors created by modern  politics. There is only one knowledge worth pursuing and that is self-evident knowledge. It is what each one of us can experience and recognize for ourselves when we meet it.

Self-evident knowledge will be the salvation of our world and it will be transmitted at the speed of light across the internet to every corner of the world. The acceptance of self-evident knowledge will bring the quantum leap that will propell humanity into the next evolutionary stage.

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Protocol No. 1-15

The moment of power is the moment of choice and the moment of balance. By deliberately keeping issues and concerns in a blocked and confused state power goes to those that can stand the pressure. Those that crumble under the stresses and pressures of real life lose.

The Republican vs Democratic statemate of stalled and blocked values and issues can only prevent a solution for so long. A solution to the paradox is needed that doesn’t require money and a solution will be found.

This is a strategy that echoes a dynamic of modern chaos theory, things enter a chaotic stage prior to making a quantum leap into an entirely new method of organisation. The flaw in this Illuminati thinking is they do not recognize the need for a quantum leap into a new social structure. They are planning to remain in the world economic structure they have created. They are planning for the economic slavery of humanity at a critical time when money is losing its effectiveness as a driving motivational force.

The paths to economic success have been so effectively been blocked that people are turning to more fulfilling things like social networking and the rebuilding of community among those of like mind. It is easier than ever to find others that share your personal values and life goals.

The culture of poverty and modern technologies are generating new social values and mores that are more appropriate to our modern needs. Money is not a requirement, an internet connection is.

As the Illuminati move their plan of a New World Order closer to activation the moment of crisis is at hand. Which way will people fall? What side will you be on? Money or technology? Will money save us or will technology save us?

As the baby boomers retire and seek to draw social security and medicare will it be money or technology that finds the answer? There is no money. Technology needs to find the answer and it will because it has the force of the entire human race behind it pushing for a quantum leap into new territory.

Entering into this new technological world is an important step toward a rewarding and fulfilling life in the near future. Isolate from it at your own risk. The old ways are no longer effective.

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Protocol No. 1-14

This protocol has some very interesting implications about liberalism and those that give their power away to external authority. As the government deteriorates it will lose its connection to the population and its laws and regulations will no longer represent collective agreement of the people. Instead the force of liberalism will cry out for impersonal laws backed with coercive force or gun backed law if you will.

We see this everywhere as the population cries out for more government regulation and monetary funding of special interests. How strange that rugged individualists don’t have this need for government intervention and regulation. Our society is dividing into those that desire more government aid and those that are dropping out.

Essentially individual rights are given over to external authority with the understanding that the government will do what is right for us. That means we don’t have to do worry about it or deal with it ourselves. All it means is that we have to pay for it.

The Illuminati believe in the right of the strong and take advantage of this handing over of personal power at every opportunity. The stated goal of this point is to use this power for personal advantage by using the rights and powers that the citizenry has voluntarily given up. They are natural opportunists and can’t be blamed for taking advantage of power that is thrust into their hands.

By doing this they will become the rulers of our society and our world. At least that is their goal in these protocols. They will do this through the economic enslavement of governments and individuals. Know of any governments in debt? How about any individuals?

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Protocol No. 1-13

In the thorny issue of right and wrong, good and evil how can we be guided? What is good for one person might bring harm to his neighbor. This is the paradox presented in high level masonry and in the thinking of the Illuminati. Is it enough to take the Illuminati stance and say if it is right for me that is all that matters? That is how they look at it. Anything that moves the world toward their ultimate goal of the economic slavery of the human race and the New World Order is right. Anything that works toward personal competency and individual freedom is wrong.

Nature does not admit rightness and wrongness. Morality is a human creation and not a natural one. Nature does admit to the sacredness of life and the survival of the fittest. That does not mean the strongest will be the victor. It means nature supports the most successful and adaptable solutions and rejects weak and vulnerable solutions. When something gets too large it becomes weak and vulnerable. This includes our governments and educational institutions as well.

When laws are no longer enforcable they become a mockery. When government forces people against their wishes it no longer serves but becomes a tyrant to be overthrown. When too many people live without health insurance or drive without auto insurance the system begins to fall apart. It has become too large and has too many vulnerabilities. We are at that critical point.

Nature explores every possible alternative leaving none unexplored. The most successful and adaptive solution can show up in the most unlikely of places and revolutionize the entire world. There is no way to know when or where this new solution will show up. There is no way of knowing when the human race will make to next quantum leap to a higher level of civilization.

All that we can say is necessity is the mother of invention. When things get bad enough a new way will be found. The Illuminati system is based on the theory of economic slavery. In a world where no one has any money, money will no longer be important. It will be replaced by something everyone has available. We are inevitably moving toward a world that is no longer based on money. The internet is playing an important role in that transition. Self-sufficient living on a local scale is playing another part.

In the meantime expect things to get worse as society is expected to cough up more money to pay for the war in Iraq at four billion a month. Let’s not forget $3-$4/gal gasoline and other budget busting excesses that will lead the American public to the brink of foreclosure.

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Protocol No. 1-12

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Posession is nine tenths of the law. Might is right.

These cute little saying all reflect the point of view given in this protocol. You might as well say that if I can keep someone thinking about  vague and abstract thoughts like “morality” and “rightness” they will get so worked up emotionally they won’t notice when I steal food off their plate. They will be living in their heads and I will be reaping the physical benefits of their distraction.

Even the illiterate masses learn after awhile. Emotionally charged issues like abortion, gay rights, polution and religion are drawing more yawns than shouts. Who cares any more?

We see the American public focused more on personal survival than ever. Perhaps it is because of the fear of terrorism that has been cultivated so carefully. In any case the masses are sinking into materialism and objectivism. Altruism and spirituality are being abandoned.

Like lab rats that have learned the maze the American public is drawing back into survival mode and regrouping on the local grass roots level. This is a good thing. Competency of living happens at the individual level not at the governmental level.

Might does not make right. If it did the world would still be ruled by dinosaurs. Right is created through success, adapability and competency. The individual will always be able to find ways around restrictive laws and regulations. If there are no loop holes they will be created.

This is the great flaw in the Illuminati’s plan for humanity. They are trying to use technology to close all possible loop holes and create a world where everything is controlled. It can not be done. If it could be done humanity would make a quantum leap into a new way of living that made such control obsolete. In fact, that is what is in the process of happening as we speak.

The internet is creating new ways of doing business that outcompete old practices. Faxes and emails alone have made the expensive postal system obsolete. Blogs and on demand publishing have  placed individuals on a even footing where anyone can be heard. The Illuminati no longer have control of the press. They may have control of the press but they don’t have control of the internet. New concepts and alternate views are being expressed around the world and being discussed.

The internet is perhaps the greatest threat to the establishment of a New World Order.

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