Protocol No. 1-10

This protocol asks if it is possible to guide a population through reasonable cousels and arguments. It is a very good question to ask. Their answer is all too correct as well. The masses are guided by passions and sentimental favorites. The politically correct answer will always win out over the correct one or the best solution. There is no collective interest in finding a truthful and correct solution to societies ills.

Society will not choose the best person for the job. They will choose the most popular person for the job. I can understand the frustration the Illuminati must feel that their own brilliant insights are not accepted or respected by the common person. All too often genius goes unappreciated and unwanted.

The fundamental flaw in this reasoning is the belief that society must be saved from itself and that the Illuminati are the ones to do the saving through secret and coercive measures unknowable to the common person.

Allowing issues to reach explosive proportions by artificial manipulation of natural consequence creates a world that is not natural and can not respond in a natural way. Living and teaching by personal example remains the only viable way to influence the masses in a healthy manner.

The masses will respond to someone that lives by example as well as they respond to popularity cults. It is a viable alternative that needs further exploration and discussion. There is a need for heros and heroines to inspire the general population with the belief in their own heroism.

We don’t need to do what others tell us to do and we don’t need to all follow the same path but we do need to see other people being successful in life so we know it can be attained. Knowing it is possible allows us the inner strength to find our own personal path to success.

The key to the health of society is in healthy individuals, not in governmental controls and programs.

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