Protocol 1-11

Is it true that there is no place for morality in politics? Will sincerity of intent and honesty doom a politican to failure? We might never know. It has been a long time since politicians have been portrayed as honest and sincere. Lies and deception do seem the rule rather than the truth.

The practice appears to be to tell the voting public one thing and work compromises and hidden adgendas in secret. This is why the line item veto will never be passed into law. Accountability holds no place in modern politics.

Like many of these protocols it is uncanny how closely this reflects the modern political situation. The secret behind this thinking is taught plainly in the higher degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. In those degrees we also find the secret to our two party political system. This is further evidence of the link between the Illuminati and high level Freemasonry.

These higher degrees give conceptual initiation into duality and its resolution into unity. There are two sides to every coin, two views to every issue. One is not right and the other wrong. Both views are correct. This is why the two party system is used to give voice to opposing issues.

Anyone skilled in debate knows that if you argue and debate one side of an issue long enough and hard enough you will come around to arguing the other side as well. There is a paradox at work here. Logic and reason can prove today is the best day of your life and they can prove today is the worst day of your life.

In reality logic and reason can not prove anything because both views are correct. The Illuminati and high level masons know this and work with it to resolve political issues in a way that works for them and their adgenda of the establishment of the New World Order.

Both Republicans and Democrats support the International banking system and the Trilateral Commission. Both support the New World Order. President Reagen didn’t at first but was quickly brought into line in the formation of his cabinet. It doesn’t matter who you vote for because either candidate is working for the same global government and the economic enslavement of the human race.

The common voting public is not capable of understanding the resolution of paradox and duality. It would be political suicide for a politician to try explaining it to the public. The common voter simply believes in the rightness of one viewpoint and the wrongness of the other. The conviction of their beleif is absolute and they would vote out of office anyone they felt was not truely advocating their position. This is why there is so much smoke and mirrors in politics and deals made in secret.

This is also why things should be brought back to the grass roots level where both sides can be explored and resolution found. It is much easier to find a local solution than a global one. The resolution of conflict can be a win-win situation at the local level where things are kept understandable. Taken to the extreme these same issues become lose-lose situations when we turn our power over to these amoral political professionals.

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