Protocol No. 1-12

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Posession is nine tenths of the law. Might is right.

These cute little saying all reflect the point of view given in this protocol. You might as well say that if I can keep someone thinking about  vague and abstract thoughts like “morality” and “rightness” they will get so worked up emotionally they won’t notice when I steal food off their plate. They will be living in their heads and I will be reaping the physical benefits of their distraction.

Even the illiterate masses learn after awhile. Emotionally charged issues like abortion, gay rights, polution and religion are drawing more yawns than shouts. Who cares any more?

We see the American public focused more on personal survival than ever. Perhaps it is because of the fear of terrorism that has been cultivated so carefully. In any case the masses are sinking into materialism and objectivism. Altruism and spirituality are being abandoned.

Like lab rats that have learned the maze the American public is drawing back into survival mode and regrouping on the local grass roots level. This is a good thing. Competency of living happens at the individual level not at the governmental level.

Might does not make right. If it did the world would still be ruled by dinosaurs. Right is created through success, adapability and competency. The individual will always be able to find ways around restrictive laws and regulations. If there are no loop holes they will be created.

This is the great flaw in the Illuminati’s plan for humanity. They are trying to use technology to close all possible loop holes and create a world where everything is controlled. It can not be done. If it could be done humanity would make a quantum leap into a new way of living that made such control obsolete. In fact, that is what is in the process of happening as we speak.

The internet is creating new ways of doing business that outcompete old practices. Faxes and emails alone have made the expensive postal system obsolete. Blogs and on demand publishing have  placed individuals on a even footing where anyone can be heard. The Illuminati no longer have control of the press. They may have control of the press but they don’t have control of the internet. New concepts and alternate views are being expressed around the world and being discussed.

The internet is perhaps the greatest threat to the establishment of a New World Order.

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