Protocol No. 1-13

In the thorny issue of right and wrong, good and evil how can we be guided? What is good for one person might bring harm to his neighbor. This is the paradox presented in high level masonry and in the thinking of the Illuminati. Is it enough to take the Illuminati stance and say if it is right for me that is all that matters? That is how they look at it. Anything that moves the world toward their ultimate goal of the economic slavery of the human race and the New World Order is right. Anything that works toward personal competency and individual freedom is wrong.

Nature does not admit rightness and wrongness. Morality is a human creation and not a natural one. Nature does admit to the sacredness of life and the survival of the fittest. That does not mean the strongest will be the victor. It means nature supports the most successful and adaptable solutions and rejects weak and vulnerable solutions. When something gets too large it becomes weak and vulnerable. This includes our governments and educational institutions as well.

When laws are no longer enforcable they become a mockery. When government forces people against their wishes it no longer serves but becomes a tyrant to be overthrown. When too many people live without health insurance or drive without auto insurance the system begins to fall apart. It has become too large and has too many vulnerabilities. We are at that critical point.

Nature explores every possible alternative leaving none unexplored. The most successful and adaptive solution can show up in the most unlikely of places and revolutionize the entire world. There is no way to know when or where this new solution will show up. There is no way of knowing when the human race will make to next quantum leap to a higher level of civilization.

All that we can say is necessity is the mother of invention. When things get bad enough a new way will be found. The Illuminati system is based on the theory of economic slavery. In a world where no one has any money, money will no longer be important. It will be replaced by something everyone has available. We are inevitably moving toward a world that is no longer based on money. The internet is playing an important role in that transition. Self-sufficient living on a local scale is playing another part.

In the meantime expect things to get worse as society is expected to cough up more money to pay for the war in Iraq at four billion a month. Let’s not forget $3-$4/gal gasoline and other budget busting excesses that will lead the American public to the brink of foreclosure.

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