Protocol No. 1-14

This protocol has some very interesting implications about liberalism and those that give their power away to external authority. As the government deteriorates it will lose its connection to the population and its laws and regulations will no longer represent collective agreement of the people. Instead the force of liberalism will cry out for impersonal laws backed with coercive force or gun backed law if you will.

We see this everywhere as the population cries out for more government regulation and monetary funding of special interests. How strange that rugged individualists don’t have this need for government intervention and regulation. Our society is dividing into those that desire more government aid and those that are dropping out.

Essentially individual rights are given over to external authority with the understanding that the government will do what is right for us. That means we don’t have to do worry about it or deal with it ourselves. All it means is that we have to pay for it.

The Illuminati believe in the right of the strong and take advantage of this handing over of personal power at every opportunity. The stated goal of this point is to use this power for personal advantage by using the rights and powers that the citizenry has voluntarily given up. They are natural opportunists and can’t be blamed for taking advantage of power that is thrust into their hands.

By doing this they will become the rulers of our society and our world. At least that is their goal in these protocols. They will do this through the economic enslavement of governments and individuals. Know of any governments in debt? How about any individuals?

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