Protocol No. 1-15

The moment of power is the moment of choice and the moment of balance. By deliberately keeping issues and concerns in a blocked and confused state power goes to those that can stand the pressure. Those that crumble under the stresses and pressures of real life lose.

The Republican vs Democratic statemate of stalled and blocked values and issues can only prevent a solution for so long. A solution to the paradox is needed that doesn’t require money and a solution will be found.

This is a strategy that echoes a dynamic of modern chaos theory, things enter a chaotic stage prior to making a quantum leap into an entirely new method of organisation. The flaw in this Illuminati thinking is they do not recognize the need for a quantum leap into a new social structure. They are planning to remain in the world economic structure they have created. They are planning for the economic slavery of humanity at a critical time when money is losing its effectiveness as a driving motivational force.

The paths to economic success have been so effectively been blocked that people are turning to more fulfilling things like social networking and the rebuilding of community among those of like mind. It is easier than ever to find others that share your personal values and life goals.

The culture of poverty and modern technologies are generating new social values and mores that are more appropriate to our modern needs. Money is not a requirement, an internet connection is.

As the Illuminati move their plan of a New World Order closer to activation the moment of crisis is at hand. Which way will people fall? What side will you be on? Money or technology? Will money save us or will technology save us?

As the baby boomers retire and seek to draw social security and medicare will it be money or technology that finds the answer? There is no money. Technology needs to find the answer and it will because it has the force of the entire human race behind it pushing for a quantum leap into new territory.

Entering into this new technological world is an important step toward a rewarding and fulfilling life in the near future. Isolate from it at your own risk. The old ways are no longer effective.

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