Protocol No. 1-16

In this point is the admission of the Illuminati that what they are doing is evil but only to bring about an unshakable ruling class and government. In their own words “The result justifies the means”.

In a nutshell this is the old war between the forces of Chaos and of Order. The Illuminati are standing up for Order and rule both in personal and in civic life. They bemoan the pitfalls of “Liberalism” and personal liberty. These are the enemy. Chaos is the enemy.

In a larger sense modern chaos theory explains there is order within chaos. The chaotic aspect is simply the transitional period between an old restrictive paradigm and the quantum leap into a revolutionary new and much larger organizational pattern that has nothing in common with the old ways. Life is the result of evolutionary forces making quantum leaps into new structures. There is no way to stop the forces of life. There is no way to prevent humanity to make the quantum leap into a new world when it is ready.

Placing this in a correct context it is easy to understand the philosophical error perpetuated by the Illuminati. They are attempting to prevent humanities quantum leap into the next stage of evolutionary development. The method used will be economic slavery combined with fear and force of law. This is the extreme use of the forces of Order backed with guns. There is nothing in the Illuminati plans that considers a collective agreement. In their arrogance they feel the average man or woman is not fit to decide their own destiny or life choices.

It’s too late. The leap has already been made by at least a portion of the world’s population. Two elements that have been positively identified are the growing “Culture of Poverty” and the growth of  “internet” and “cellular” technologies.

The “Culture of Poverty” minimizes the importance of money in favor of other values like family and entertainment. Since few people have money anymore they are turning to alternate ways of living quality lifestyles. This growing pool of “poor people” are not able or willing to carry the financial burdens the government and Illuminati have imposed on them. They are simply opting out of the rat race.

This will ultimately bring about the downfall of the Illuminati through bankruptcy as people simply refuse to pay their debts. The burden of financing the Illuminati will shift to those that still cling to a monetary value system. Freedom will come from leaving the system. Slavery will come from staying within it.

Perhaps the most powerful tool of the Illuminati in the past has been a absolute control of the press and publishing industry throughout the world. With the rise of the internet this control has been totally swept away. In ways that have never before been possible individuals can discuss and educate themselves in all areas of life. Access to “forbidden” knowledge and concepts is only a keypad away.

For good or bad the common man or woman can tell their story and express their opinions to the entire world. Common sense has the chance to overthrow the smoke and mirrors created by modern  politics. There is only one knowledge worth pursuing and that is self-evident knowledge. It is what each one of us can experience and recognize for ourselves when we meet it.

Self-evident knowledge will be the salvation of our world and it will be transmitted at the speed of light across the internet to every corner of the world. The acceptance of self-evident knowledge will bring the quantum leap that will propell humanity into the next evolutionary stage.

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