Protocol No. 1-17

If we are to believe the Illuminati, they are following a deliberate plan and course of action that has existed for many centuries. This of course dealing with International banking institutions and the knowledge of how compound interest actually works.

For centuries this closely kept secret has become available to the masses. For the first time many people grasp just how compounding interest is an important part of any retirement plan. The irony is that in today’s world of inflatable currency compound interest in not enough to ensure a return on an investment. The rate of inflation might devalue the dollar faster than compounding interest.

Over and over again we see efforts of large corporations to take unfair advantage and leverage the international market place in unnatural ways. Many of these involve government funding and subsidies.

There is a feeding frenzy going on as predators turn on each other. The common person is dropping out of the game. The game is so obviously rigged they don’t even try anymore. It is only a matter of time until the Illuminati begin to feed on each other.

The Illuminati can’t let go of the idea of economic enslavement because that is all they have known and planned for centuries. There is too much of an emotional investment for them to even seriously consider the reality of a new culture of poverty combining with open source internet technology.

Consider for a moment both the conceit and the narrow thinking that drives these people in a madcap belief of the importance of money and international banking. By their own admission they follow a course of action laid out centuries ago. This plan was not only laid out before the internet and modern technology, it was laid out before the industrial revolution!

How can anyone believe so strongly in something so antiquated? How can modern technology be so blithely disregarded? This belief in the power of money and of compounding interest is unshakable. It is safe to say they will never abandon this belief.

Even when growing evidence to the contrary begins to accumulate it will not be heeded because it can’t be. They are stuck on their path as certainly as I am stuck on mine. What we can expect is a series of irrational acts as the Illuminati move farther away from the realities of modern living.

These irrational acts will make sense to the Illuminati but won’t make sense to the average person. The current spending of four billion dollars a month for the war in Iraq is a case in point. It is irrational and no one really believes it is for the good of the American public any more. At least no one with the capability of independent thought.

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