Protocol No. 1-19

19. Only one trained from childhood for independent rule can have understanding of the words that can be made up of the political alphabet.

This point hints at the importance of conceptual initiation into very specific ways of thinking. It is so important the suggestion is made that one must be trained from childhood in the ways of ruling the masses. This obviously includes knowing the politically correct thing to say that will move the masses emotionally in support of a cause or in opposition to a cause.

Speaking even more plainly we can say this point is talking about the science of manipulating the force of the population in a calculated way to affect some goal or strategy. This is pure freemasonry where the raw force of the people is symbolized by the hammer and the intelligence guiding that force is symbolized by the chisel. The Scottish Rite goes on and on about this symbolism and the importance of this symbolical viewpoint.

The difference is that freemasonry is only offered to legal adults as a choice when they reach eighteen and by tradition a person is never asked to become a mason. They must ask to join.

Obviously the Illuminati are some quasi-masonic or maverick masonic group that believes in raising children from birth into a specialized form of knowledge and thinking reminiscent of European Monarchy and its divine right to rule. This is a type of thinking that characterizes the masses as brute unthinking populations to be manipulated through emotional politically correct causes.

This positions the Illuminati squarely in the political area on both sides of the fence, Democrat and Republican, working toward the New World Order and the economic enslavement of the human race. It also places them in the news media where control of issues and yellow journalism put the correct emotional slant on issues to manipulate the masses in the desired direction.

In America the divine right to rule is not accepted like it always has been in Europe. Deception has brought the Illuminati this far in their quest but the question remains if the American public will ever be willing to sacrifice and turn over all of their power to external authority. When push comes to shove the Illuminati may ultimately be in for a surprise when a significant portion of the population simply refuse to go along with the game.

Significant portions of society including survivalists, free internet advocates, the open source software community and the culture of poverty are successfully finding alternatives in getting their needs met. Iron control of the news and publishing industry no longer exists and alternative solutions are being sought and discussed. A grass roots movement is sweeping this country causing people to reconsider long held traditions and concepts. There is a movement away from money and toward quality of living a resourceful and independent lifestyle.

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