Protocol No. 1-2

 In the same vein as the original protocols I am also going give two viewpoints. First I will expound on the basic illuminati concept giving added  material when needed to give understanding of where they are coming from and then I will counter that viewpoint with an antidote.

The original protocols offered a learned viewpoint for themselves and a false doctrine or viewpoint to be shared by the masses.

As a longtime student of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism I feel uniquely suited to not only explain some of the convolutions of the protocols but also to offer insight into the fundamental philosophical flaws behind them.

Make no mistake about my feelings on this subject. I do believe the basic plan of world domination laid out within the protocols is largely valid and being pursued today. These concepts and machinations are being followed by those striving to bring the economic and political new world order into existence in today’s world.

I believe there is a movement for the economic enslavement of the human race and I intend to fight it as vigorously as possible within these pages. Not only that but I am offering a counter solution to the same problems. My solution is the freedom of the individual and not his or her enslavement.

As stated at the beginning of Anarchist World the use of initiatory force against individuals can never be justified. The protocols are all about the need for initiatory force to keep those that would rebel strictly in line. The protocols are about the need to submit to authority. This is my war. My authority is my conscience.

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