Protocol No. 1-3

This point starts out by saying the best way of governing people is by violence and terror because that is what most people understand. Trying to reason with most people is a waste of time and effort because they are not interested in self sacrifice or the welfare of the common good. Further the statement is made that every man would like to become a dictator if they could.

It is true that social predators exist. It is also true that getting what you want by terror and intimidation is effective. Bullies use these techniques because they work. Spousal abuse and sexual abuse perpetrators do not respond well to therapy simply because they already have a simple and effective way of getting what they want from other people. They don’t need to learn something that does not work as well. We can not turn a blind eye and ignore the fact that intimidation and terrorism does work. That is the main meaning and intent to this point.

This is the point of view of the predator and it suggests the solution is to be the biggest predator. The philosophical fallacy is to assume most people are predators and they need to be ruled by terror and intimidation. You don’t need to bully the bully. You only need to stand your ground and not let them threaten or intimidate you.

Put another way it is important terror and intimidation does not work against us as individuals. We do not need to become terrorists. We can do this by becoming strong and competent in our living skills. Self esteem and assertiveness are the answer not aggression.

Another fallacy is that most people do care about community. They might not care about big governemment or global concerns but they do care about friends, family and neighbors. This suggests the importance of grass roots movements acting locally rather than having proffessional politicians acting in our best interests. The solution to this protocol point is to act locally and retain personal power within the local community. If we take care of what is in our back yard and others take care of what is in their back yard there will be no need for external authority to take care of us.

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