Protocol No. 1-4

Point 4 is not really a point at all but a question that affirms the predatory nature of mankind. What makes this interesting is the implication of these questions themselves. What restrains mankind? Is there a need for the human race to be restrained? Obviously the Illuminati believe they are the ones in position to impose such restraint and there is a need for it.

Let’s turn this question around a bit and ask if nature shows restraint? Does the blade of grass show restraint as it pushes upward toward the sun in the springtime? Does the salmon show restraint as it swims upstream to spawn and die? Does the humble carpenter ant show restraint in building its colony? Do the bees show restraint in collecting enough honey for the hive to survive?

This puts things in a slightly different light. Nature does not show restraint and it does not show mercy. Nature does what is needed to ensure the survival of life. Perhaps we should ask if mankind is doing what is needed to ensure the survival of life upon this planet?

Here we are on much more solid footing. Mankind is in the process of destroying life on earth by destroying the ecosystem and using up vital resources without regard for the circle of life. Is mankind showing restraint? Here again we can answer that we have created a society that does not want to produce values through hard work and effort. It wants to consume without giving back. There is no restraint in the consumption of resources and too much restraint in the production of values.

Circling back to the original point we can see how mankind can be percieved as a predator comsuming the life’s blood of the earth without restraint or without giving value back in return.

This is a tricky point because life should be lived without restraint. Nature does show us the way. The envelope is meant to be stretched. Change comes out of need not out of choice. Perhaps we can say we need to live an unrestrained life until we become aware of the need to change if we want to stay alive? Then we must do what needs to be done?

Does this mean we need external authorities to show us the way and restrain us through coercive laws backed by force and unjust laws? I don’t think so. What it means is that we need to individually feel the consequences of our actions. When we make poor choices we need to feel and experience the consequences of those poor choices. We do not need our choices made for us by external authority. Much of societies illness is caused by artificially keeping things alive that would not live unsupported. We are living in an artificial world that is no longer connected to the realities of survival and of nature. We have lost our way and external authorities can not show us the way back.

The only way to re-connect with the realities of survival and nature is on a one to one basis. Individually we need to confront our living conditions and become competent at life. We can help each other and we can work together but the answer is individual competency not placing our power in the hands of a few predators.

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