Protocol No. 1-5

This philosophical point aims at the very beginings of human society with the claim such societies were controlled through brutal and blind force. In essence the weak associated with the strong to ensure their own survival and submitted when needed. Does might make right?

The fundamental error is hidden and easy to miss. If this were true we might be a society of dinosaurs. Success, adapability and competency make right not force. This is vital. The entire illuminati strategy is seen to be based on coercive force with the justification that might makes right. Success, adapability and competency are the true rulers. The most successful, adaptable and competent do have every right to rule this world. There is no need to do this through force or intimidation.

In nature symbiotic relationships are formed that create win-win situations. These are lateral shifts on a global perspective not top down oppression. A dominant person is not dominant in all things. They are dependent on others as well for certain things.

The point is further made that with the evolution of the spoken word law became the force that society submits to. This continues the same slippery point. Laws should not coerce unwilling citizens through the fear of arrest and gun backed justice. Laws should be a collective agreement that is flexible and adaptive in new situations. The use of initiatory force against any individual can never be justified. Might does not make right.

If it were so we might as well regress back to medieval times when knights dueled each other. God and Justice were with the victor. That is the way things were then and that is the way the illuminati feel it still should be.

There is no understanding that when a mouse is trapped in a corner it becomes a fierce and vicious fighter. There is no understanding that when a man is bullied until he cries the bully is in for a whipping. Life is a chaos energy system and quantum leaps will always be made when oppression and force become unbearable.

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