Protocol No. 1-6

This protocol talks about political freedom and how the masses need to feel they have a choice in who they are voting for. The idea is to offer choices A, B, and C to the people because any of these choices in the long run lead to the same result. Choice D which is dangerous to the aims of the Illuminati is never offered and not known to exist. Thus the real issues are never revealed or voted upon. They remain hidden behind an inpenetrable shield of smoke and mirrors.

The flaw in this philosophy shows up in lab rats. In time they learn the maze or refuse to perform. If rats can figure it out the voting public should be able to as well. Political freedom includes the freedom of speech. This freedom is more powerful than any other. As a college student in West Germany I was told even the meekest American would stand out from any other Nationality because they were not careful about what they said. Most citizens even in the free world need to be careful about what they say in public. Any freedom can be a rallying point around which to draw masses of people.

One of the main tools of the illuminati is to foster a belief in liberalism and its ability to right the worlds wrongs through law and legislation. The belief of liberalism weakens rugged individualism and competency in favor of government control of our lives. When people give away their personal power to the government through the belief in liberal ideas the goal of a one world government and the New World Order is brought one step closer to reality.

The world and the law of nature demands discipline for life to survive. Each one of us must submit to some type of discipline. It can either be self imposed or imposed by an external authority backed by guns and force. We are never told that we have the option to choose self discipline. That would not be in the best interests of the Illuminati.

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