Protocol No. 1-7

This protocol points out that something always rules the people. Once it was a monarch, with Christianity it was faith and now in today’s world it is money. The philosophical flaw in this is what happens when people give up hope of having money? We are already seeing a culture of poverty that has values and morals completely independent of money.

The Illuminati seek to rule us through money. They have rigged the game and done it so well they are destroying money as a ruler. People are turning to other things instead. In the meantime the screws are tightening and money is becoming harder to get. The middle class is vanishing and taxes are the highest they have ever been. The economy is not viable and on the verge of going into a feeding frenzy where it feeds on the few remaining that still have money.

To retain money as a personal value is asking for big trouble in the immediate future. More and more will be demanded of you until you have nothing left to give.

Those in the culture of poverty are simply stepping aside and letting the storm pass by. They are living in rental homes and driving $300 vehicles without insurance. They are refusing to pay child support and working for hard to find cash jobs. Ironically dead beat fathers seem to always find girlfriends that will support them so they don’t have to work.

In situation after situation the trap is set and people find loopholes to avoid entrapment. Laws through force and intimidation can never be enforced. This is the flaw that hits the Illuminati time after time. Still they return to it thinking more force and more enforcement is needed. They think computers and technology will create an inescapable mesh that will not allow anyone to escape.

The claim is made that freedom can never be realized because people will abuse it. People given too much freedom inevitably find themselve in a mess. To the Illuminati this is proof of the failure of freedom. This is the justification for their actions.

To the advocate of chaos theory this is simply the chaotic stage preceding a quantum leap into a higher order of human society. Not only can freedom work. Once past the chaotic period it can quantum leap humanity into a new era of hope and prosperity. It is a law of nature, if you squeeze people to hard they will make a quantum leap. The “Code of the West” fueled the imagination of millions and the cowboy is still a powerful stereotype.

Personal freedom combined with self-discipline and natural consequence is a winning combination that can’t be denied. We have been given a taste of it and we will not be denied. The machinations of the Illuminati will fail miserably at the last moment and they will be left with only ashes.

Each person can be free to follow an individual path through the inner voice of their own conscience. There is no longer any need for external authority and rule through intimidation or force backed laws.

The philosophical idea of personal freedom can rule our hearts and our minds. There is no need to fear it.

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