Protocol No. 1-8

The power of the Illuminati is based upon the economic slavery of the population and the state. In their minds it is money that controls and rules everything. This means debts that must be paid. This also means putting people and nations in debt so they are vulnerable. In the past the favorite way of placing a nation in debt was through wars.

This is as true in today’s world as it was in any other war. Isn’t it 4 billion dollars a month the Bush administration is squandering in Iraq? Any strides toward a ballanced budget have been wiped out decisively and permanently. The damage is already done and there is no end in sight. The need for economic slavery has been firmly established. It is the American public that must pay back the debt created by the Bush administration.

We have been told there is no other choice. In other areas individual states must comply with federal policies to receive monies from the federal government. Again the states are in economic slavery and need those funds.

Airlines and railroads need federal funding to continue to operate so they too follow federal regulations without question. Any agency that receives federal subsidies does so at an enormous price. They lose control of their own business or institution. They lose their souls. This all because they feel the need for continued federal funding. It is another form of economic slavery. It is a pact made with the devil.

As more individuals fall into the economic slavery of extended credit card debt bankruptcy laws are becoming stricter and more unforgiving. Few people realize that originally financial debt was not an imprisonable offense. How long will it be until this constitutional right is taken away as well?

The fringes of this are already being tested by jailing offenders that fail to pay child support. Right now it is rationalized as contempt of court. How long before it is called what it really is?

Sadly things have gone too far and a culture of poverty is arising with totally different values and morals. People live without health insurance. They drive vehicles without insurance or without a valid drivers license. Why? Simply because they are doing what they need to in order to keep their familes alive.

In this new class of people money is not the ruler and it never will be. These people have given up all hope of ever having any and they are moving on to other things. As this group grows and the new values find their way into our culture money will cease to be as much of an influence. People will drop out of the rat race and opt for a quieter and more humble lifestyle. These are the people that will find freedom in new and unexpected ways, ways that involve little or no money.

Those that are left will be forced to pick up the heavy financial burden to keep the current system alive. What will happen when the outlaws outnumber the conformers? What will happen when no body cares anymore about having a nice house and new car? What will happen when the only thing that matters is a roof over your head, food to eat and an internet connection?

The citizenry is poised to make a quantum leap into new social values and mores. These are not going to involve money. The Illuminati are going to be left holding the bag.

In the computer industry the open source movement is an example of an alternative value and mindset. Money does not rule the minds and hearts of this world community. Cooperative community effort on a global level are what rules these free thinkers. Linux is becoming the operating system of choice by more people each year because of the freedom and security it offers. It is also free.

The anarchist and survivalist movement share common values in rejecting a monetary system that is no longer fair or attainable by men and women of conscience. Anarchist World seeks to bring these groups together to openly share resources and coexist in a mutual supportive environment that is ruled by heart and not by greed.

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