Protocol No. 1-9

This point is simply a weak justification of the Illuminati point of view that might makes right. There is an interesting point made about every State having two foes, an external foe and an even worse internal foe. The external foe is quite simply an attacking nation. In times of war any and all means are used to ensure survival and victory. Once more the claim is the end justifies the means.

This is simply not true in our world. We do not use chemical, biological or atomic weapons against our foreign enemies. We do not make war upon civilians. We consider these war crimes. They are immoral and not permissible. The offending nations and people responsible can be held accountable in world court.

In a more alarming manner the postion is made that if these things are permissible in war with external foes how much more persmissible they might be against the even more dangerous “internal” foe within our very midst. One can’t help but think of the “Patriot Act” and illegal information gathering done by the Bush administration under the name of “Homeland Security”.

We can even hear Bush as he proclaims that the ends do justify such extreme abuses of individual freedom. It is not surprising that fear and intimidation go hand in hand with such justifications. Bush justifies his actions because the American public is afraid.

We are afraid Moslem extremists will terrorize us. We are afraid some sick child is going to bring a gun to school. We are afraid to be responsible for our own safety. Isn’t it much better to let big brother protect us? The cost will only be a few small civil liberties that we won’t even miss. Like perhaps the freedom of speech.

Now this is scary stuff considering the “internal” foe to be the rugged individualists, survivalists and free thinking competent people in general. The Illuminati seem to think any trickery or deceit can be allowed to achieve their goal of world domination through a New World Order and the economic enslavement of the human race. The only thing important is the end result.

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