Protocol No. 1-9

This point is simply a weak justification of the Illuminati point of view that might makes right. There is an interesting point made about every State having two foes, an external foe and an even worse internal foe. The external foe is quite simply an attacking nation. In times of war any and all means are used to ensure survival and victory. Once more the claim is the end justifies the means.

This is simply not true in our world. We do not use chemical, biological or atomic weapons against our foreign enemies. We do not make war upon civilians. We consider these war crimes. They are immoral and not permissible. The offending nations and people responsible can be held accountable in world court.

In a more alarming manner the postion is made that if these things are permissible in war with external foes how much more persmissible they might be against the even more dangerous “internal” foe within our very midst. One can’t help but think of the “Patriot Act” and illegal information gathering done by the Bush administration under the name of “Homeland Security”.

We can even hear Bush as he proclaims that the ends do justify such extreme abuses of individual freedom. It is not surprising that fear and intimidation go hand in hand with such justifications. Bush justifies his actions because the American public is afraid.

We are afraid Moslem extremists will terrorize us. We are afraid some sick child is going to bring a gun to school. We are afraid to be responsible for our own safety. Isn’t it much better to let big brother protect us? The cost will only be a few small civil liberties that we won’t even miss. Like perhaps the freedom of speech.

Now this is scary stuff considering the “internal” foe to be the rugged individualists, survivalists and free thinking competent people in general. The Illuminati seem to think any trickery or deceit can be allowed to achieve their goal of world domination through a New World Order and the economic enslavement of the human race. The only thing important is the end result.

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Protocol No. 1-8

The power of the Illuminati is based upon the economic slavery of the population and the state. In their minds it is money that controls and rules everything. This means debts that must be paid. This also means putting people and nations in debt so they are vulnerable. In the past the favorite way of placing a nation in debt was through wars.

This is as true in today’s world as it was in any other war. Isn’t it 4 billion dollars a month the Bush administration is squandering in Iraq? Any strides toward a ballanced budget have been wiped out decisively and permanently. The damage is already done and there is no end in sight. The need for economic slavery has been firmly established. It is the American public that must pay back the debt created by the Bush administration.

We have been told there is no other choice. In other areas individual states must comply with federal policies to receive monies from the federal government. Again the states are in economic slavery and need those funds.

Airlines and railroads need federal funding to continue to operate so they too follow federal regulations without question. Any agency that receives federal subsidies does so at an enormous price. They lose control of their own business or institution. They lose their souls. This all because they feel the need for continued federal funding. It is another form of economic slavery. It is a pact made with the devil.

As more individuals fall into the economic slavery of extended credit card debt bankruptcy laws are becoming stricter and more unforgiving. Few people realize that originally financial debt was not an imprisonable offense. How long will it be until this constitutional right is taken away as well?

The fringes of this are already being tested by jailing offenders that fail to pay child support. Right now it is rationalized as contempt of court. How long before it is called what it really is?

Sadly things have gone too far and a culture of poverty is arising with totally different values and morals. People live without health insurance. They drive vehicles without insurance or without a valid drivers license. Why? Simply because they are doing what they need to in order to keep their familes alive.

In this new class of people money is not the ruler and it never will be. These people have given up all hope of ever having any and they are moving on to other things. As this group grows and the new values find their way into our culture money will cease to be as much of an influence. People will drop out of the rat race and opt for a quieter and more humble lifestyle. These are the people that will find freedom in new and unexpected ways, ways that involve little or no money.

Those that are left will be forced to pick up the heavy financial burden to keep the current system alive. What will happen when the outlaws outnumber the conformers? What will happen when no body cares anymore about having a nice house and new car? What will happen when the only thing that matters is a roof over your head, food to eat and an internet connection?

The citizenry is poised to make a quantum leap into new social values and mores. These are not going to involve money. The Illuminati are going to be left holding the bag.

In the computer industry the open source movement is an example of an alternative value and mindset. Money does not rule the minds and hearts of this world community. Cooperative community effort on a global level are what rules these free thinkers. Linux is becoming the operating system of choice by more people each year because of the freedom and security it offers. It is also free.

The anarchist and survivalist movement share common values in rejecting a monetary system that is no longer fair or attainable by men and women of conscience. Anarchist World seeks to bring these groups together to openly share resources and coexist in a mutual supportive environment that is ruled by heart and not by greed.

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Protocol No. 1-7

This protocol points out that something always rules the people. Once it was a monarch, with Christianity it was faith and now in today’s world it is money. The philosophical flaw in this is what happens when people give up hope of having money? We are already seeing a culture of poverty that has values and morals completely independent of money.

The Illuminati seek to rule us through money. They have rigged the game and done it so well they are destroying money as a ruler. People are turning to other things instead. In the meantime the screws are tightening and money is becoming harder to get. The middle class is vanishing and taxes are the highest they have ever been. The economy is not viable and on the verge of going into a feeding frenzy where it feeds on the few remaining that still have money.

To retain money as a personal value is asking for big trouble in the immediate future. More and more will be demanded of you until you have nothing left to give.

Those in the culture of poverty are simply stepping aside and letting the storm pass by. They are living in rental homes and driving $300 vehicles without insurance. They are refusing to pay child support and working for hard to find cash jobs. Ironically dead beat fathers seem to always find girlfriends that will support them so they don’t have to work.

In situation after situation the trap is set and people find loopholes to avoid entrapment. Laws through force and intimidation can never be enforced. This is the flaw that hits the Illuminati time after time. Still they return to it thinking more force and more enforcement is needed. They think computers and technology will create an inescapable mesh that will not allow anyone to escape.

The claim is made that freedom can never be realized because people will abuse it. People given too much freedom inevitably find themselve in a mess. To the Illuminati this is proof of the failure of freedom. This is the justification for their actions.

To the advocate of chaos theory this is simply the chaotic stage preceding a quantum leap into a higher order of human society. Not only can freedom work. Once past the chaotic period it can quantum leap humanity into a new era of hope and prosperity. It is a law of nature, if you squeeze people to hard they will make a quantum leap. The “Code of the West” fueled the imagination of millions and the cowboy is still a powerful stereotype.

Personal freedom combined with self-discipline and natural consequence is a winning combination that can’t be denied. We have been given a taste of it and we will not be denied. The machinations of the Illuminati will fail miserably at the last moment and they will be left with only ashes.

Each person can be free to follow an individual path through the inner voice of their own conscience. There is no longer any need for external authority and rule through intimidation or force backed laws.

The philosophical idea of personal freedom can rule our hearts and our minds. There is no need to fear it.

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Protocol No. 1-6

This protocol talks about political freedom and how the masses need to feel they have a choice in who they are voting for. The idea is to offer choices A, B, and C to the people because any of these choices in the long run lead to the same result. Choice D which is dangerous to the aims of the Illuminati is never offered and not known to exist. Thus the real issues are never revealed or voted upon. They remain hidden behind an inpenetrable shield of smoke and mirrors.

The flaw in this philosophy shows up in lab rats. In time they learn the maze or refuse to perform. If rats can figure it out the voting public should be able to as well. Political freedom includes the freedom of speech. This freedom is more powerful than any other. As a college student in West Germany I was told even the meekest American would stand out from any other Nationality because they were not careful about what they said. Most citizens even in the free world need to be careful about what they say in public. Any freedom can be a rallying point around which to draw masses of people.

One of the main tools of the illuminati is to foster a belief in liberalism and its ability to right the worlds wrongs through law and legislation. The belief of liberalism weakens rugged individualism and competency in favor of government control of our lives. When people give away their personal power to the government through the belief in liberal ideas the goal of a one world government and the New World Order is brought one step closer to reality.

The world and the law of nature demands discipline for life to survive. Each one of us must submit to some type of discipline. It can either be self imposed or imposed by an external authority backed by guns and force. We are never told that we have the option to choose self discipline. That would not be in the best interests of the Illuminati.

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Protocol No. 1-5

This philosophical point aims at the very beginings of human society with the claim such societies were controlled through brutal and blind force. In essence the weak associated with the strong to ensure their own survival and submitted when needed. Does might make right?

The fundamental error is hidden and easy to miss. If this were true we might be a society of dinosaurs. Success, adapability and competency make right not force. This is vital. The entire illuminati strategy is seen to be based on coercive force with the justification that might makes right. Success, adapability and competency are the true rulers. The most successful, adaptable and competent do have every right to rule this world. There is no need to do this through force or intimidation.

In nature symbiotic relationships are formed that create win-win situations. These are lateral shifts on a global perspective not top down oppression. A dominant person is not dominant in all things. They are dependent on others as well for certain things.

The point is further made that with the evolution of the spoken word law became the force that society submits to. This continues the same slippery point. Laws should not coerce unwilling citizens through the fear of arrest and gun backed justice. Laws should be a collective agreement that is flexible and adaptive in new situations. The use of initiatory force against any individual can never be justified. Might does not make right.

If it were so we might as well regress back to medieval times when knights dueled each other. God and Justice were with the victor. That is the way things were then and that is the way the illuminati feel it still should be.

There is no understanding that when a mouse is trapped in a corner it becomes a fierce and vicious fighter. There is no understanding that when a man is bullied until he cries the bully is in for a whipping. Life is a chaos energy system and quantum leaps will always be made when oppression and force become unbearable.

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Protocol No. 1-4

Point 4 is not really a point at all but a question that affirms the predatory nature of mankind. What makes this interesting is the implication of these questions themselves. What restrains mankind? Is there a need for the human race to be restrained? Obviously the Illuminati believe they are the ones in position to impose such restraint and there is a need for it.

Let’s turn this question around a bit and ask if nature shows restraint? Does the blade of grass show restraint as it pushes upward toward the sun in the springtime? Does the salmon show restraint as it swims upstream to spawn and die? Does the humble carpenter ant show restraint in building its colony? Do the bees show restraint in collecting enough honey for the hive to survive?

This puts things in a slightly different light. Nature does not show restraint and it does not show mercy. Nature does what is needed to ensure the survival of life. Perhaps we should ask if mankind is doing what is needed to ensure the survival of life upon this planet?

Here we are on much more solid footing. Mankind is in the process of destroying life on earth by destroying the ecosystem and using up vital resources without regard for the circle of life. Is mankind showing restraint? Here again we can answer that we have created a society that does not want to produce values through hard work and effort. It wants to consume without giving back. There is no restraint in the consumption of resources and too much restraint in the production of values.

Circling back to the original point we can see how mankind can be percieved as a predator comsuming the life’s blood of the earth without restraint or without giving value back in return.

This is a tricky point because life should be lived without restraint. Nature does show us the way. The envelope is meant to be stretched. Change comes out of need not out of choice. Perhaps we can say we need to live an unrestrained life until we become aware of the need to change if we want to stay alive? Then we must do what needs to be done?

Does this mean we need external authorities to show us the way and restrain us through coercive laws backed by force and unjust laws? I don’t think so. What it means is that we need to individually feel the consequences of our actions. When we make poor choices we need to feel and experience the consequences of those poor choices. We do not need our choices made for us by external authority. Much of societies illness is caused by artificially keeping things alive that would not live unsupported. We are living in an artificial world that is no longer connected to the realities of survival and of nature. We have lost our way and external authorities can not show us the way back.

The only way to re-connect with the realities of survival and nature is on a one to one basis. Individually we need to confront our living conditions and become competent at life. We can help each other and we can work together but the answer is individual competency not placing our power in the hands of a few predators.

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Protocol No. 1-3

This point starts out by saying the best way of governing people is by violence and terror because that is what most people understand. Trying to reason with most people is a waste of time and effort because they are not interested in self sacrifice or the welfare of the common good. Further the statement is made that every man would like to become a dictator if they could.

It is true that social predators exist. It is also true that getting what you want by terror and intimidation is effective. Bullies use these techniques because they work. Spousal abuse and sexual abuse perpetrators do not respond well to therapy simply because they already have a simple and effective way of getting what they want from other people. They don’t need to learn something that does not work as well. We can not turn a blind eye and ignore the fact that intimidation and terrorism does work. That is the main meaning and intent to this point.

This is the point of view of the predator and it suggests the solution is to be the biggest predator. The philosophical fallacy is to assume most people are predators and they need to be ruled by terror and intimidation. You don’t need to bully the bully. You only need to stand your ground and not let them threaten or intimidate you.

Put another way it is important terror and intimidation does not work against us as individuals. We do not need to become terrorists. We can do this by becoming strong and competent in our living skills. Self esteem and assertiveness are the answer not aggression.

Another fallacy is that most people do care about community. They might not care about big governemment or global concerns but they do care about friends, family and neighbors. This suggests the importance of grass roots movements acting locally rather than having proffessional politicians acting in our best interests. The solution to this protocol point is to act locally and retain personal power within the local community. If we take care of what is in our back yard and others take care of what is in their back yard there will be no need for external authority to take care of us.

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Protocol No. 1-2

 In the same vein as the original protocols I am also going give two viewpoints. First I will expound on the basic illuminati concept giving added  material when needed to give understanding of where they are coming from and then I will counter that viewpoint with an antidote.

The original protocols offered a learned viewpoint for themselves and a false doctrine or viewpoint to be shared by the masses.

As a longtime student of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism I feel uniquely suited to not only explain some of the convolutions of the protocols but also to offer insight into the fundamental philosophical flaws behind them.

Make no mistake about my feelings on this subject. I do believe the basic plan of world domination laid out within the protocols is largely valid and being pursued today. These concepts and machinations are being followed by those striving to bring the economic and political new world order into existence in today’s world.

I believe there is a movement for the economic enslavement of the human race and I intend to fight it as vigorously as possible within these pages. Not only that but I am offering a counter solution to the same problems. My solution is the freedom of the individual and not his or her enslavement.

As stated at the beginning of Anarchist World the use of initiatory force against individuals can never be justified. The protocols are all about the need for initiatory force to keep those that would rebel strictly in line. The protocols are about the need to submit to authority. This is my war. My authority is my conscience.

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Protocol No. 1-1

I will address each protocol point by point. First by making clear the intention behind the point and then showing the philosophical error implied if any.

In this first point the main idea is to speak plainly and use comparisons and examples to clarify difficult concepts. Not much to disagree with here since I intend much the same thing.

I would like to stress the idea of conceptual initiation. In the process of working through the Illuminati Protocols we will need to address several concepts to ensure a proper understanding of what is being said.

In preparation for this study I was struck by conceptual similarities between Scottish Rite Freemasonry and the writings of Albert Pike. There is no doubt in my mind that a connection exists between Albert Pike and these protocols. There is similar thinking involved.

In Scottish Rite Freemasonry the force of the unlearned masses is symbolized by the hammer. The chisel symbolizes the use of the blunt force of the masses through directed intelligence. This means the use of the masses directed toward a specific purpose. “Morals and Dogma” is littered with the study of this science.

The obvious conclusion is that the protocols are a quasi-masonic document written by people educated in Scottish Rite masonic concepts. This will become even more clear as we proceed.

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Introduction to the Illuminati Protocols

Anarchist World simply wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t have something about the New World Order and the document known as the Illuminati Protocols. My slant on this document will be quite different from common conspiracy theorists. For one thing I’m not as much interested in who wrote it as I am in a discussion of some of the concepts and if they are valid or not.

The first thing I would like to state is that I don’t believe there is a group of Jews trying to take over the world in the name of Zion. This document is often touted as anti-Jewish hate literature. I would like to state plainly that I don’t believe it has anything to do with the Jewish religion or the Jewish race and should be considered simply on the merits of the concepts within it.

If I had to guess as to a class of people it might belong to I would suggest some variant branch of Freemasonry instead. Conceptual initiation is the hallmark of Freemasonry. Some concepts can not be properly understood until lesser concepts have been previously accepted and integrated. Many of the concepts within the Protocols are of an advanced nature suggesting higher learning of great sophistication. The writings of Albert Pike, originator of the Scottish Rite, come close to this degree of  sophistication. Anyone reading “Morals and Dogma” and “Magnum Opus” will find the “Prince of the Sun” 32 degree material a possible stepping stone for some of the concepts we find in the protocols.

In addition Freemasonry claims to preserve the inner teachings of “King Solomon’s Temple”. The Scottish Rite is based on Kabalistic literature. The Kabala was an instrument of Jewish mysticism that has largely been taken over by the non-Jewish western occult movement. Not only the Scottish Rite but many occult organizations such as the OTO and Golden Dawn are openly kabalistic in practice.

It would be much more accurate to state the protocols were written by extremely intelligent men and women that were initiated and trained in some very advanced conceptual knowledge. This points more to some type of organization or mystery school than a race or religion. I suggest an elite group of individuals with a profound capacity for insight into human nature and living in the present moment. This further rules out religious or mystical groups that lead people away from the present moment into spiritual abstractions. A spiritual fanatic does not live in the present moment. These people do.

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